Sameer Sagade & Siddharth Deshpande

The co-founders of Collabsports, Siddharth and Sameer, grew up with a passion for sports. Not merely fans of the games but also engaging and enjoying in the grind of physical activity, whether it be Cricket, Badminton or Golf. Being sportsmen they understood the urge of tracking progress on the field and came up with an idea of blending their learnings of technology and sports.

The ever-evolving sport industry in which modern sports, an arena where technology and performance go hand in hand; and with the growing pace of the world, getting to track, record, analyse and learn from your performances seems to be just the right addition in the life of an athlete. Collabsports was found with an idea of elevating the sport to a level where the athletes can objectively measure their sports activities and improve their performance.

Scorpad, the first brainchild of Collabsports, aspires to provide a self assessment tool for athletes to recognize the champions in them.


Scorpad, an offering from Collabsports Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is a next generation sports platform that offers tools and analytics to make you a smarter athlete.

Scorpad is a mobile app that allows athletes to record their regular match scores and training activities in a structured manner and offers the ability to translate this data and derive intelligent analysis that can help athletes in improving their game.

Scorpad also allows the athletes to create meaningful performance profiles that will help them and their coaches in objectively measuring their skills and chalk out structured training programs that can help them improve their game.